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Estalagem Coração Da Mata

The Estalagem Coração da Mata is a charming, cozy and unique place.
Situated close to nature, overlooking lake m heart-shaped, surrounded by century-old pines.
It has trails through the woods in an area of ​​80,000 m². During the walks can be spotting howler monkeys, deer, hares, bush odo cats, toucans, parrots, curucacas and a multitude of birds and animals of the region.
Attended by the owners, it has in its facilities apartments of 65 m², theme with names of flowers. The units have fireplaces, hydro baths and a balcony, where the decor blends the rustic with the sophisticated, prioritizing comfort and wellness.
It offers breakfast, colonial style with special recipes Inn in ambiante with pampas stove.
On Saturdays we serve tea with delicious dreams, prepared with care.
Organizes special packages for Honeymoon where further accented romanticism in the apartments with flowers, candles, chocolates and sparkling wine.
It is located 6 km from the City of lawn, paved road within easy reach. And there is 122 km from Salgado Filho International Airport in Porto Alegre.